Prime Day Concert


Amazon Prime Video partnered with Digital Media Management to help build awareness of and tune-in for the livestream of its annual activation Prime Day Concert with the ultimate goal of driving new trial memberships.



DMM identified 12 NY-based influencers to attend the official event, where they shared their experience via branded IG Stories. Influencers posted on their timeline leading up to the event and captured other content while at the concert that was posted to their timelines after the release of the show on VOD, to announce its availability and encourage their followers to watch/sign-up.


In total, their collective posts generated 2.48M+ organic brand impressions and 213K (8.6%) engagements, with influencers over-delivering in stories by 29 branded frames (together posted 77 branded – minimum was 48). Many comments showed anticipation for the concert, intent to livestream/watch, and generated interest from potential new members!

Ksenia Valenti (@iamksenia)

What an amazing time at the #PrimeDay concert!!!!!! Mind blowing performances by Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, SZA, and Becky G!!! A MUST SEE SITUATION!! Lucky for you, you can still see it, it’s available on @amazonprimevideo till August 9! All you have to do is SIGN UP for a free trial at the link in my bio and watch all the fun! I feel very lucky to be able to attend, enjoy the concert, meet new friends and eat all the delicious food. Thank you @amazonmusic for an epic night!!! #sponsoredbyprimevideo

Lauren Mayhew (@lolomayhew)

G I R L P O W E R! 🤩 So inspiring to watch such talented ladies CRUSH the @AmazonPrimeVideo stage! @AmazonMusic If you haven’t seen it, check out the link in my bio above, available until 8/9! #SponsoredByPrimeVideo #PrimeDay
#TaylorSwift #DuaLipa #SZA #BeckyG #GirlPower #FemaleArtists #HammersteinBallroom

Mapy (@iammapy)

Did you know that the first instrument I wanted to play was the guitar 🎸? It’s only right I tried it out! I had an amazing time attending the @amazonmusic #PrimeDay Concert, where Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, SZA, and Becky G performed live 😍! If you missed it, you can watch it now on @amazonprimevideo until 8/9. Make sure you click the link in my bio to sign up! 👆🏽❤️ You don’t want to miss out!

Jesse Montana (@thejessemontana)


had the best time ever celebrating #primeday with my gorgeous sis @cierraramirez at the @amazonmusic #primedayconcert. so much queen power on stage. you can check out @taylorswift @dualipa @sza and @beckyg slay this amazing concert on demand now until august 9th with @amazonprimevideo just hit the link in my bio angels. i dare you to sing every word to every song like we did 🙂 happy #primeday! #sponsoredbyprimevideo

Rachel Iwanyszyn (@jaglever)

I had to bring all of the magical witchy vibes for my first t swift #PrimeDay concert experience with @amazonmusic! Music has always influenced my outfits from day one. Looks are so much more than just clothes, they’re full of emotion and vibes. I am so thankful to have experiences like these. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime thing and I am so, so grateful! You can still watch this incredible concert on @amazonprimevideo ‪until August 9th.‬ What’s your favorite concert you’ve ever been to? #sponsoredbyprimevideo

Eugenie Grey (@feralcreature)

Another amazing concert has come and gone. Reminiscing on the talented acts (Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, SZA, and Becky G) and surprise guests from @amazonprimevideo x @amazonmusic! Swipe through to see photos and videos from that night! You can catch this concert on Amazon Prime Video until August 9th 😍 #PrimeDay #sponsoredbyprimevideo

Melanie Sutra (@melaniesutra)

I still can’t believe how amazing the @amazonprimevideo concert was this week. From talking to @janelynchofficial to dancing it out with @taylorswfit, @amazonmusic went above and beyond all of my expectations and made this experience one for the record books. In case you missed it, the concert is available on Amazon Prime Video until August 9th! #primeday #sponsoredbyprimevideo

Katelyn Tarver (@katelyntarver)

Yallllllll! Had so much fun at the #primeday concert. You can watch it now on @amazonprimevideo until August 9, and experience everything I did. Except for these sliders, which were VERY good, and I’m sorry you’ll never get to taste them. @amazonmusic #sponsoredbyprimevideo

Ingrid Nilsen (@ingridnilsen)

That post concert GLOW! I had so much fun the other night with @amazonmusic at the #PrimeDay concert watching four spectacular female power houses. WOW! If you didn’t get a chance to watch live (or you just want to watch it again!) click the link in my bio to see the show on @amazonprimevideothrough 8/9. WHAT. A. NIGHT! #sponsoredbyprimevideo

Hang Nguyen (@hangtw)

Skrttttt. Your package has arrived. It’s me, I’m your package 🙆🏻‍♀️ Had so much fun at the #PrimeDay concert with @amazonprimevideo and @amazonmusic last week! You can watch the whole show now with the link in my bio (it expires 8/9) #sponsoredbyprimevideo

May Pham (@mayandtravel)

Beep Beep! Special delivery: It’s me! I was so excited to be invited by @amazonprimevideo to attend their live concert. Amazon #PrimeDay Concert is now available to watch on demand exclusively for Prime members until August 9. If you are not a Prime member, click the link in my bio to sign up for a free 30-day trial which won’t cost you anything but will give you access to this amazing concert (featuring Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, SZA, and BeckyG) and many Prime-exclusive shopping deals on Prime Days (July 15 and 16)! @AmazonMusic

Rachel Martino (@rachmartino)

SPARKLES FOR TAYLOR ✨ I had the best time this week at the @amazonmusic #PrimeDay concert in New York City! I loved seeing my favorite @taylorswift alongside the boss babes @dualipa, @sza & @iambeckyg. Watch the concert now on @amazonprimevideo, available until August 9th at 🙌🏻 #sponsoredbyprimevideo


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