Doom Patrol – Season 1

Emphasizing the show’s unique voice and focusing on community management to push the limits of creativity for DCU’s social presence


After DMM’s successful partnership with DC Universe for the launch of its first DC OTT original series, TITANS, we were excited to create and execute the social media campaign for DCU’s second show featuring a group of misfit heroes, DOOM PATROL. 



Our key objectives with this social campaign were to emphasize the show’s unique voice, serve as the ultimate superfan, and build a community of fans that would appreciate the show’s offbeat style. To achieve our objectives, our social media strategy focused on increased community management, especially on Twitter, in addition to creating interactive content (e.g. emoji-only episode recaps) to encourage weekly fan engagement. We also focused on pushing the limits of creativity for DCU’s social presence by incorporating the latest social trends, experimenting with social responses, and creating content optimized for each platform. To further appeal to our die-hard fans, we added plenty of Easter Eggs in our custom creatives for them to discover and discuss.


By running the DOOM PATROL accounts from the point-of-view of a superfan, we saw great engagement and conversation across all social accounts. Our Instagram following grew the most, with an added 70.5K followers by the end of the season. Twitter dominated in terms of fan engagement, averaging 2.9M monthly impressions. Based on the success of DOOM PATROL’s campaign, we have incorporated many of our learnings and creative ideas into other DC Universe Original campaigns, including SWAMP THING and YOUNG JUSTICE: OUTSIDERS.