NBC turned to Digital Media Management to build awareness and positive conversation through influencers leading up to the release of Rise's premiere.



DMM partnered with 12 diverse, teen and young adult influencers to share personal stories connecting to themes and characters from Rise, while highlighting the show’s key themes/aspects. A primary goal being to generate positive consumer sentiment for Rise to distance the online chatter from tough critic reviews.

The campaign went live the week of Rise’s premiere to encourage viewer tune-in. Influencers posted their content on Instagram and Twitter. Instagram posts utilized the carousel/swipe feature to include the show’s official trailer, provided by NBC. We know trailers are largely watched on YouTube, but we wanted to meet new audiences where they consume and use Instagram in new ways.

The influencers all had relevant and authentic ties to theater and the arts such as music, dancing, acting, hosting, and more. We strategically targeted audiences that were musically-inclined and could relate to the show’s subject matter. We also identified 2 key influencers, that were similar to the show’s leads (Auli’i Cravalho & Damon J. Gillespie), to put together custom videos talking about their connection to the characters and shouting out the show.

Additionally, we had 1 influencer live tweet during the airing of the premiere.


The campaign ended up reaching over 4.6M, with 118K+ engagements across 18 posts on Instagram and Twitter. The content was authentic, connected with the desired target audience, and called people to action/tune-in.  The content sentiment was good and we saw positive feedback on the show from both influencers and followers alike.  Casting was one of the main focal points of the campaign and we had great success with handpicking a diverse and multicultural group to showcase the variety of people and personalities shown on screen.

Jordan Fisher

So excited for @nbcrise to premier tonight! Love a show that embraces individuality and reminds me why I love what I do. Check it out tonight at 10pm on #NBC and let me know your favorite character! #Robbie #Rise #Ad

Erin Robinson

I was a theater kid growing up. I was part of a lovely family of misfits who didn’t belong in any one group of people. They were interesting, passionate, and beautiful storytellers. They were also broken, but that’s why we all loved each other so much because everyone put their brokenness to work on the stage. NBC’s new show @NBCRise is a show that I never had growing up, and I’m so glad that kids who are passionate about storytelling are going to be able to experience it. Make sure you watch the premiere tonight at 10pm! #Rise #NBC #ad

Connor Finnerty

(SWIPE) – know I will be watching the season premiere of #risetonight at 10pm on NBC! Swipe to see the promo video and be sure to tune in. You don’t want to miss it! @nbcrise #ad