Empire – Season 4


Digital Media Management partnered with FOX for a successful season of the #1 AA television show, Empire, bringing the world of the Lyons right to users’ fingertips on socials. As we began creating our strategy for the show’s fourth season, we sought to retain and grow the devoted fanbase, engage audiences on every platform, and keep the community talking throughout the season and beyond.



Our objective for the season four campaign was to give the fans what they wanted – the drama, the epic clapbacks, the music, and behind-the-scenes content. We aimed to make the Empire community feel like they were a part of an actual empire and not just viewers of the show. We executed this by connecting with fans through a robust live tweet experience, captivating Instagram Stories, engaging community management, and content that showcased the “OMG” moments.

Twitter was an integral part of connecting with the loyal fanbase. Each Wednesday during the season, we hosted live tweet nights where we reacted in real time to the events of the show with the fans, utilizing reaction GIFs, exclusive clips, and retweets to keep viewers tuned in to both the episode and socials. In addition to live tweeting, we also jumped on trending topics throughout the week to reach new audiences and join relevant conversations such as the Met Gala, National Cookie Day, and #MondayMotivation.

Throughout the campaign, we capitalized on the new features Instagram Stories continuously rolled out including polls, sharing hit songs from the show via Spotify, and creating custom Giphy stickers. These efforts, combined with sharing exclusive behind-the-scenes content, resulted in our reach and engagement soaring on this platform.

During the course of the season, we aimed to position Empire as a can’t-miss show not only by highlighting the most dramatic scenes and funniest clapbacks on our regular channels, but also by putting an emphasis on weekly Empire music releases. We did this by launching a Facebook Watch page dedicated to the music of the show that we regularly updated with the newest music videos from Empire’s talented artists. In addition to the traditional social platforms, we also maintained the official Empire App by sharing BTS photos, quizzes, polls, and exclusive videos on a daily basis.


As a result of our season-long campaign, we were able to increase our following across each platform, consistently secure a spot as the #1 trending topic on Twitter throughout the season, and keep the Empire community engaged and tuned into the show on socials and during broadcasts. With a plethora of content that varied from site to site, fans were able to immerse themselves in the Lyon’s world with a different experience tailored for each platform.