Queer As Folk

In partnership with Peacock, DMM kicked off the social media campaign for Queer As Folk, a re-imagining of the 1999 namesake.


DMM was excited to partner with Peacock to launch Queer As Folk, an electrifying re-imagination of its groundbreaking 1999 namesake, fit to authentically embody the joys, realities, and challenges of queerness in 2022. DMM was tasked with ideating and producing a robust social campaign that gave fans a portrayal of queer resilience that is grounded in community, and everything from social collaborations to talent shoots were rooted in the celebration of queer culture.


The cast of #QueerAsFolk needed a world famous drag superstar with a passion for makeup artistry to judge their drag transformation challenge. Let’s just say all drag is valid. Make sure you stream Queer As Folk, only on @peacocktv !


One of DMM’s main objectives was positioning Queer As Folk as a keystone of Pride Month, sharing content that sparks a sense of urgency with viewers while highlighting the relatable moments that audiences can see and feel themselves in to make Peacock a new streaming home for LGBTQIA+ stories. To activate this, DMM captured exclusive content with iconic drag queen, Trixie Mattel, and popular social media account @bestofgrindr. The social collaboration with Trixie Mattel was posted on both Peacock and Trixie’s accounts and provided fans with a look at our talent’s natural charisma as they did drag makeup on each other with Trixie’s helpful eye. The @bestofgrindr collab post centered Queer As Folk as a story about celebrating LGBTQIA+ love.

Another main objective was expanding Peacock’s footprint in the LGBTQIA+ community and building a new generation of QAF fandom, bringing fans of the original series and talent, as well as queer-centric storytelling and messy coming-of-adulthood dramas over to our flock. DMM did this through strategic talent captures held at the DMM studio space, relatable content featuring the star-studded cast, and partnerships with accounts like GLAAD and Law & Order for a clip that featured Chris Meloni. DMM’s ‘Gay Rights’ TikTok and Reel captured at the premiere event featured the entire main cast and crew chanting the powerful line and garnered a plethora of organic engagement and even the use of our sound.

She is the mother we never had, she is the sister everybody would want. She is the friend that everybody deserves. We don’t know a better person. Watch the 👸 in #QueerAsFolk, streaming now.


DMM’s Queer as Folk content on TikTok performed 10x higher than the average daily view benchmarks and talent-led content from the premiere performed above benchmarks for average daily views. DMM’s strategic partnerships as a part of the campaign was highly successful as the collab with Trixie Mattel received over 260K plays on IG and over 18K likes, the partnership with GLAAD on a talent-led IGS garnered a 96% completion rate, and a partnership with Law & Order account received above average views and engagement.