Psych: Binge-A-Thon Marathon Social Media Campaign

As USA Network’s Social Agency of Record, DMM executed a social media campaign to revive the Psych social media accounts for an 8 season marathon.


USA Network partnered with Digital Media Management (DMM) as their Social Agency of Record to reignite the social presence of the Psych accounts along with USA Network’s #ALLin campaign to amplify fan engagement, encourage marathon viewing, activate the cast, and increase the already strong following across platforms.



We implemented a robust social media strategy unique to each platform and the avid Psych fandom, increasing posting cadence on the accounts to support and promote the re-airing of the full show. This new cadence was fulfilled by implementing a mix of evergreen Psych content, live-posting during the marathons, talent activations, and highlighting relatable moments within the fandom. As fans connected with the show they know and love from the brand account, we saw all-time highs in engagements across all accounts. Lastly, ample community management allowed the brand to connect with fans through a fun, relatable, and personalized approach at scale for a unique engagement experience across the social accounts.


Our month-long campaign produced impressive results, including 35.9K new fans across all platforms and all-time top performing content for the accounts to date.


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