Looking for Alaska Social Campaign

Capturing the nostalgic spirit of John Green’s novel, Looking for Alaska, with a dynamic social media campaign that rallied the passionate fan base behind the Hulu limited series adaptation.


Hulu partnered with Digital Media Management (DMM) to build and nurture a dedicated community of Looking for Alaska superfans across socials, while also introducing our young up-and-coming talent.



DMM was involved from the start of production, working with Hulu to embed our social producer on the set of Looking for Alaska. Our producer nurtured relationships with talent and crew members, capturing custom content for Hulu brand, talent, and show channels, which we later produced into social video pieces. On Looking for Alaska socials, we crafted a voice and tone that embodied the nostalgic spirit of the beloved novel, while keeping the theme of hope central to our messaging. We built anticipation for the series and forged a bond with our audience, which we continued to strengthen through an inclusive approach to community management and exclusive on-set content featuring our cast.


Existing fans of the novel and those longing for teen dramas of the early aughts were quick to flock to our socials to reminiscence and express their love for our young talent. Over the course of the campaign we generated 1M+ organic engagements on Instagram, home to most of our embed-captured content. On Twitter, our sentimental and optimistic tone, ability to tap into relevant trends, and intentional approach to community management resulted in 242K+ organic engagements