Prime Video’s With Love | Season 2

An inspiring social media campaign to engage returning fans and reach audiences who deserve to see their stories told with love.


DMM partnered with Prime Video for an uplifting, heartwarming social creative strategy and community management campaign to re-engage fans for Season 2 of their diverse dramedy, With Love.



For With Love’s second season, we put an elegant flair on lo-fi creatives to hook new viewers with recognizable trending formats and reminded returning fans why they love our fabulous familia. From teasers about all the upcoming chisme to fancams highlighting our caliente cast, we captivated viewers and increased engagement exponentially across Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. 

To ensure our talent shared the love, we positioned them front and center throughout the campaign. Our collaborations with stars Emeraude Tobia and Rome Flynn allowed us to tap into their passionate existing fanbases and drive traffic to our owned handles. To give fans behind-the-scenes access, we also elevated talent appearances with extensive remote coverage of screenings, film festivals, Pride, and more. 

Our community management strategy focused on creating a positive space for fans and shared in their joy surrounding this story, while simultaneously leaning into the familia’s cheeky voice to highlight the humor of the show. Our fan-forward approach included weekly social listening that we applied to our creative strategy and influenced the moments selected for custom social assets on each platform. Through having a genuine understanding of what resonated with fans, we identified key moments from Season 2 to optimize performance on social, which resulted in multiple viral Reels & TikToks. 


DMM produced 50 custom assets in two months and we felt the love with over 6.7M impressions across Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. Additionally, our TikTok following grew by over 3000% and our Instagram over 140% by the conclusion of our campaign.