Lopez vs Lopez | Season 1

A TikTok-driven social media marketing campaign for NBC’s family-focused comedy series, Lopez vs Lopez, starring the iconic George Lopez alongside his daughter Mayan Lopez with an all-star lineup of guest stars.


In collaboration with NBC, Digital Media Management launched an engaging and trend-driven social media campaign for Lopez vs Lopez Season 1. Leveraging our expertise in Platform Management and Talent Services, we strategically activated talent and NBCUniversal brand handles across the social ecosystem, with a focus on TikTok and Instagram Reels. The campaign positioned Lopez vs Lopez as a must-watch comedy series for the whole family, highlighting the comedic chemistry between a hardworking, old-school Latino father and his Gen Z daughter.



Our campaign for Lopez vs Lopez aimed to tap into the existing fan base of George Lopez and his popular show, The George Lopez Show, while also attracting a new generation of viewers through his social-savvy daughter, Mayan. We leveraged the cast’s significant social followings, particularly TikTok stars Mayan Lopez and Brice Gonzalez as well as influencer and celebrity guest stars like Nathan Apodaca, Jesus Nalgas, and Cheech Marin. 

The show’s TikTok and Gen Z themes presented a tremendous opportunity to create social conversation and engagement. We focused on amplifying the social presence of the cast by providing them with comprehensive 360 support that included everything from tailored ideation, curated toolkits, to weekly activations and content production. Our Talent Services team was fully immersed in the campaign, working closely with the cast on-site both during production and at red-carpet events throughout the 22-episode season.


The Lopez vs Lopez social media campaign achieved growth for NBC and talent handles across platforms, garnered organic press pickup, and sustained social buzz throughout the long 8-month campaign. 

The Platform Management team selected 77 microclips to seed out on Instagram and TikTok driving 103M views and 5.5M engagements. While our micro-clipping strategy was successful on both TikTok and Reels, TikTok was by far the highest-performing platform for the campaign. The most engaging content we published either featured TikTok star Brice Gonzales or was posted in collaboration with guest stars like Jesus Nalgas. All three of the most-viewed clips of the campaign featured Brice and his budding comedic chops.

The Talent Services team distributed 200 toolkits from pre-premiere to finale generating 500+ posts from the main cast and guest stars that drove 65M+ views and 135M+ estimated impressions. The most impactful drivers of growth and impressions were the TikTok-style videos our embed captured on set. To introduce the cast we created a Telenovela-style video that was posted as an Instagram Reel collab between NBC and Mayan Lopez amassing 17M views. Leveraging guest stars, we captured a trending video on set with Cheech Marin and George Lopez generating 6M views. Similarly, we produced six separate TikToks and Instagram Reels collaborating with guest star and TikTok sensation Nathan Apodaca (@dogface208) resulting in 7.2M views and 814K engagements. 

Additionally, the Talent Services team partnered with digital media outlet Young Hollywood for an exclusive interview with stars George and Mayan Lopez timed to the finale push for the campaign. Young Hollywood posted 3 segments on its website, 1 clip on Instagram, 3 clips on Facebook, 7 clips on Twitter, and 11 clips on YouTube driving 5.5M estimated impressions. 

Doubling down on TikTok with double the Lopez led to this campaign’s success and a Season 2 pick up for Lopez vs Lopez.