Shiny Happy People

Our DMM Talent Services team had the unique experience of diving into Amazon’s new Docuseries, Shiny Happy People; a look into the world of the IBLP, the church group that captivated the nation via the Dugger Family.


DMM partnered with Amazon to launch a talent-driven social strategy for their new Docuseries, Shiny Happy People. Though this show was extremely sensitive in nature our goals were clear - to give the survivors a platform to share their story. We accomplished this by creating custom toolkits for them to amplify the project across their personal channels and curated custom activations for them to reach a wider audience by partnering with key influencers and other survivors of the community.



Our goal was simple – to make Shiny Happy People the breakout series of the summer by  uplifting  talent and  give them a safe space to continue to share their story. We set out to curate custom activations that would give voice to survivors of IBLP – our initial ideas included live activations across Reddit, YouTube and Instagram. 

The team also ideated on and produced an hour-long aftershow for YouTube including five survivors, four experts and two Duggar family members, led by moderator Roberta Blevins.  Roberta was the obvious choice to moderate a panel of this nature due to the success of her own show, the clout she holds within the community, and the calming nature she would provide to the guests. The video garnered over 40k initial views, getting our target audience buzzing about the documentary’s upcoming release. 

Executive Producer Cori Shepherd Stern, participated in a Reddit AMA on the r/DuggarsSnark subreddit. It was extremely successful, hitting Reddit’s front page.

We partnered with @Feminist on Instagram (6.2M), which focuses on educating and sharing female narratives to empower and inspire. Survivor Emily Anderson created an Instagram Story detailing her experience to their audience. The average impressions per story totaled 44.5k and overall total impressions tallied up to 176.5k, giving viewers a glimpse at what to expect from the documentary.


Along with the social activations drumming up fan chatter, our team compiled content for social first toolkits for those in the documentary, including photo and video assets, custom copy and cross-cast engagement suggestions. In total we sent 45 custom toolkits and worked with 16 talent. Their posts totaled over 4.7M views and were well-received in the community. Our custom toolkits are tantamount to a project like this because they offer the cast an opportunity to share with their unique audience, in their own words how important this story is to them. All of our hard work culminated in helping Amazon achieve their biggest docuseries debut ever!