Peacock TV One Of Us Is Lying S1 Influencer Campaign

Drive awareness, generate buzz, and foster tune-in for the premiere of One Of Us Is Lying season 1 on Peacock TV.


Peacock partnered with DMM to produce and execute an influencer campaign to drive awareness, generate buzz, and foster tune-in for the premiere of One Of Us Is Lying, as well as position the series as a must-watch stream for the Gen Z audience.



Executing four key beat activations through partnerships on Instagram and TikTok, we leveraged three BookTok creators to drive awareness among existing fans of the book series, five gen Z TikTok influencers to drive usage of the Branded TikTok Effect through custom content with back-end paid boosting, the celebrity gossip account Deuxmoi to serve as a third-party partnership inspired by the in-world gossip blog “About That”, and internet personalities Tayler Holder and the Mian Twins to co-host a TikTok Live with the cast of the show.


In total, the 12 campaign participants, with a combined social following of 57.6M, posted 102 pieces of content resulting in 46.4M impressions, 3.5M engagements, 30M video views, and a 7.5% engagement rate

One of Us Is Lying (@oneofusislyingpeacock)


This TikTok live may have been more shocking than the finale 😱 The Bayview Four put @taylerholder and the @miantwins acting chops to the test. Who do you think gave the best performance?

Mariah Linney (@mariahlinney)

complete this scavenger hunt on @Peacock TV socials to unlock the first 7 minutes of #OneOfUsIsLying premiering October 7th! 🙌🏽 #partner

Mackenzie Ziegler (@mackenzieziegler)

Is it true or is it a lie?! Take your guess and stream #OneOfUsIsLying on @Peacock TV #partner 🤍