Dr. Death

Partnering with Peacock, DMM launched the streaming service's first premium drama limited series Dr. Death.


DMM launched Dr. Death, Peacock’s first premium drama limited series, across social platforms bringing this terrifying true story to the forefront of social conversation.



In partnership with Peacock, Digital Media Management (DMM) produced an exciting social media merketing launch campaign, the first-of-its-kind for the streaming platform. Dr. Death saw success across all social media platforms by focusing the campaign on the show’s A-list cast, including Joshua Jackson, Alec Baldwin, and Christian Slater, and ensuring that assets conveyed the premium quality of this prestigious true crime drama. Our key objectives included bringing awareness to Peacock’s first foray into the premium drama genre, and enticing fans of the Wondery podcast of the same name to see the story come to life on the streaming platform. Our social media strategy focused on stylized assets, motion quotes, and cast-forward creative highlighting the high-quality and true crime aspects of the limited series.


DMM works with Peacock to utilize  their brand social account to create campaigns across all of its Originals programming, , and we elevated Dr. Death content by creating assets that emphasized a premium quality. Additionally through use of a robust community management strategy, DMM signaled to existing true crime, Dr. Death, and talent fandoms that Peacock is the new home for premium dramas.


DMM kicked off the conversation surrounding the case’s events while building on the intrigue of this true crime story by hosting a watch party on Twitter, ending with a talent Q&A on Twitter Spaces. This conversation kick off paired with a thought-provoking, engagement-focused campaign resulted in a whopping 12.9 million impressions. Additionally, by emphasizing on social the premium, and high quality offering this drama had for fans, Dr. Death became Peacock’s most streamed Original to-date.