Outlaw King


Digital Media Management worked in partnership with Netflix to create a dynamic social media campaign for the historical epic, Outlaw King, for both a theatrical and streaming release. The social media campaign was executed to maintain the film’s authenticity while simultaneously leaning into fan sentiment. Our key achievement with Outlaw King was our extensive Instagram grid that we updated throughout the course of the campaign.



Foster A Community Of Authenticity
Authenticity was a major pillar of this campaign from the beginning, from highlighting the historical accuracy of the film to monitoring film elements that were garnering positive fan reaction. Though all social media creatives maintained a notable level of prestige throughout, we made sure to pivot our assets towards elements of fan chatter once the film was released. Not only did this keep our campaign true to the film, it also organically grew a genuine fanbase.

Maintain An Epic Scale
With the sweeping shots of Scottish landscapes and intensely detailed battle scenes, Outlaw King is nothing short of epic. To maintain this grand scale in a social media campaign that would largely be viewed on phone screens, we developed a creative throughline that captivated audiences from the beginning of our movie marketing campaign and held their attention through the duration of each asset. Specifically, our largely successful Instagram grid that not only debuted the first trailer through a series of clips, but also seamlessly introduced the main characters and featured the final key art.

Platform-Specific Strategy
While we wanted the campaign to be a united force across social media platforms, we recognized that a film of this scope would benefit from a varied platform segmentation strategy. To accomplish this we created platform-specific social strategies- we designated Facebook as our platform to feature the film’s epic scope, Instagram to highlight the vivid accuracy and Twitter as a hub to foster community and lean into fan-favorite creatives.


Our goal with Outlaw King was to maintain an air of both sophistication and inclusion throughout creatives in order to foster an authentic social community. By developing a campaign that embraced the vivid scope of the film and tailored social media creative assets toward fan chatter, we were able to enhance the movie’s narrative across all social media platforms. Throughout the course of our movie marketing campaign, we organically gleaned over 5M Facebook impressions, 1.3M Twitter impressions and 75K Instagram impressions.