Beautiful Boy


Digital Media Management partnered with Amazon Studios on the social media campaign for the theatrical release of Beautiful Boy. In a film that dealt so intimately with an issue still ravaging the United States today, we knew our marketing campaign needed to be handled sensitively and in a way that maintained the integrity of both the film and the fans. Through elevated social media creatives that remained authentic to the Sheff family’s narrative, we were able to establish a community that was moved to share their own stories and celebrate the film.



Our key objective for Beautiful Boy was to create a social media campaign that spoke truthfully about the lives of the Sheffs and the turmoil of addiction while fostering an online community where fans would find comfort in sharing their own stories.

Create A Safe Space

With a subject as topical and sensitive as addiction, we ensured our social platforms and overall creative campaign acted as a safe haven for audiences. By adopting the throughline “You Are Not Alone” in our creatives, our campaign hinged on promoting the film in a way that established a community and encouraged fans to come together. As a result, we were able to generate a substantial amount of user generated content and engagement without any specific calls to action.

Tell A True Story

An important element of the campaign was holistically and truthfully telling the Sheffs’ story. As the film was based on two separate memoirs of a father and son, our social media creatives were not limited to the perspective or story of any one family member. By showing all sides of the story, we were able to enhance the family’s narrative through social platforms and further demonstrate the throws of addiction as well as the strength of familial love.

Maintain A Level Of Prestige

Beautiful Boy was brought to life by an award winning cast and crew and was told with a distinct level of credibility. As such, we made sure that the film’s prestige was effectively translated into our creative strategy. By developing a distinct style of storytelling and elevation throughout our social media assets, we were able to further position the film as an awards contender without losing the integral aspects of the narrative.


Our goal with Beautiful Boy was to immerse fans in the harrowing true story of the Sheffs while simultaneously creating a welcoming and hopeful social environment. The result was an extremely successful campaign that resonated deeply with a very loyal fan base. Over the course of the marketing campaign, we were able to garner over 36M Facebook impressions, 26M Twitter impressions and 9M Instagram impressions.