Norm of the North

Capturing the film’s "bear to be different" theme with a playful and upbeat social media campaign


DMM was pleased to partner with Lionsgate to strategize, manage and execute the social media campaign for Norm of the North. This past January, audiences were introduced to a new animated polar bear named Norm. This family-oriented film told the story of a bear who didn't belong and overcame his obstacles by traveling to New York City to save his arctic homeland.



Our social strategy: target the young mother demographic and introduce the characters’ storyline while folding in the holiday conversation to lock in family audiences who were currently on break. In order to capture the film’s theme “bear to be different,” DMM created a playful and upbeat social media marketing campaign and creatives which introduced the success story of the underdog character. Maintaining a balance of inspirational messaging and comedy drove home the family-friendly appeal. Incorporating a large amount of humor and silly one-liners was a vital element to reach the targeted young mother demographic.


DMM leveraged quality social chatter and engagements which highlighted the film’s strong suits. Through extensive community management, we were able to amplify the conversation around positive fan reactions. Our metrics confirm the film maintained a substantial following across platforms and metrics display a strong clickthrough rate on ticketing links.