Natural Born Pranksters

Leveraging the YouTube prank stars online notoriety and helping it reach the top of the charts in iTunes digital downloads.


Natural Born Pranksters was a Lionsgate Digital Studios title featuring three prominent YouTube prank stars - Roman Atwood, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, and Dennis Roady - who hit the streets of L.A. to bring the latest, greatest, and most outrageous pranks to the big screen. Digital Media Management was tasked with the digital marketing for this movie, which leveraging the talent's online notoriety and transitioning their audience to longer-form media was able to promote the film and help it reach the top of the charts in iTunes digital downloads.



The main focus for this campaign was to create buzz surrounding the release of these internet-famous personas’ first-ever Hollywood movie by driving audiences to buy tickets to a national tour of the film and download the film across multiple digital platforms including Amazon’s Instant Video, the Google Play store, and iTunes. By implementing a unique and humorous voice that successfully captured and portrayed the three talents’ individual personalities equally and by delivering highly shareable content, Digital Media Management set out to spark a strong interest in fans – both previously built-in and new.


The success of this campaign was demonstrated exceptionally by the fact that during the week of release, Natural Born Pranksters debuted at #2 overall on iTunes (second only to Star Wars: The Force Awakens) and #1 in comedy on iTunes as well. The Natural Born Pranksters‘ Facebook page grew 789% over the course of the campaign achieved an average organic reach of 119,535 people per post. The Instagram account also had fantastic success growing over 130%. Twitter increased over 2200% in followers and had a total 835.4k impressions throughout the campaign. Overall, there was overwhelming positive sentiment toward anticipation for the movie, which helped support higher reach and engagement across different social platforms. Highly shareable and funny content was the priority for this campaign, which helped drive awareness and subsequently digital downloads of the film, through the increased reach and engagement of the audience.