Life of the Party

Eventizing the film's release and translating proverbial college experiences to our social campaign


Digital Media Management was pleased to partner with Warner Bros. for the social media campaign surrounding the theatrical release of Life of the Party, starring Melissa McCarthy. For this campaign, we focused on eventizing the release of the film and translating proverbial college experiences to our social creatives. In addition to our tailored social content for the film and its talent, our campaign’s defining achievement was the massive social sweepstakes we spearheaded, allowing colleges to compete to host the official red carpet premiere.



In an effort to make Life Of The Party the go-to movie for Mother’s Day weekend while reminiscing with fans about their past or present college days, we partnered with Warner Bros. to create a sweepstakes that had colleges all around the U.S. competing to host the red carpet premiere. We kept students engaged with custom content and over 50 unique Snapchat filters. With hundreds of submissions, ultimately Auburn University won the competition, allowing us to bring the full Hollywood experience to their campus.

Capitalizing on the upcoming Mother’s Day weekend, we crafted our social creatives to emphasize the heartwarming mother/daughter elements, while utilizing the star-studded cast to highlight the physical slapstick and collegiate theme of the film. Each creative bucket was designed with all social platforms in mind and with one goal above others: captivate and drive fan engagement. Instagram soon became our platform of choice since talent was most active there. We quickly shifted efforts to drive more unique creatives to Instagram including interactive stories and polls, swipe-through gallery series, and more.


Life of the Party was the top comedic film to hit Mother’s Day 2018 weekend, and remained in the top 10 of the North American box office in the weeks afterward. While many of the campaign’s social platforms thrived, our devoted efforts to the Instagram audience paid off with over 289% growth over the 2 months we drove individual efforts there. Thanks to our social efforts and partnership with Warner Bros., we had fans of all ages wanting to live the “Life of the Party.”