Tyler Perry’s Acrimony

Exploring the jaw-dropping, revenge-seeking themes of the film through mind-bending custom creatives and social copy


DMM was thrilled to partner with Lionsgate on the theatrical release of Tyler Perry’s latest film, Acrimony. We explored the jaw-dropping, mind-bending, revenge-seeking themes of the film through custom creatives and witty social copy. With a campaign that leaned into Taraji P. Henson’s ever-expanding fan base while attracting new viewers, we encouraged fan engagement and conversation by featuring the queen of the big screen in content that told her story while keeping her relatable.



Lionsgate approached DMM to advise on the overall direction of the campaign, provide audience strategy, and to conceptualize a uniform visual theme for the campaign that remained consistent and authentic to the core audience. From shareable meme content to stunning in-world creatives featuring talent and highlighting “Girls Night Out,” we created an array of videos and graphics to captivate fans. We also created two cornerstone videos that included in-world text messages, in-world social media posts, and a FaceTime video from Melinda herself. This series, branded “Ex-Messages,” took the storytelling element to the next level and brought the audience into Melinda’s world by giving them access to her phone. Through the use of shareable and engaging videos, we introduced the characters and their stories. All the content and copy were united in their overarching theme and purpose, while adding layers to the user experience. Everything came together to take the audience on the ride of a lifetime from their devices to the theater.


From very early on in the campaign, positive sentiment and buzz surrounded Taraji. Her fans let us know that they were ready to see their queen dominate the big screen and we engaged with them regularly through community management and engaging creatives. We took every opportunity we could to “serve revenge like tea” with humourous and authentic responses that added to the conversation and got fans to the box office. With a diverse slate of content, we grew Tyler Perry’s Acrimony’s fan footprint by 588% and garnered over 216 million impressions through the wildly entertaining theatrical campaign. Our strategy of engaging with fans, tapping into key audiences, and producing highly shareable content led to a social campaign the client called “sensational” and “ingenious.” Needless to say, our experience on this theatrical release was anything but acrimonious.