A Quiet Place


In the final, most critical month before A Quiet Place's release, Paramount Pictures tasked Digital Media Management with designing a variety of creative content for the film that would stand out in social media news feeds.



Paramount’s objective was threefold: showcase the positive reviews and word of mouth, populate the film’s social accounts with visually dynamic content, and attract a young demographic. We set out to achieve all of the client’s goals in each creative by designing content that immediately made the film stand out from the competition.

One piece in particular that exemplifies this was our “STFU” creative. By merging positive reviews, millennial/Internet vernacular, and a unique visual look, we were able to design a piece of content that rose to the top of socials.


Our creatives were successful in generating buzz among target audiences and even caught the attention of key press outlets that retweeted and mentioned our creatives in their write ups of the film. With the help of an effective social media campaign, A Quiet Place became one of the biggest hits of the year, grossing a huge $50 million in its opening weekend.