Last Christmas

Leveraging the movie's star-studded cast, DMM created strategic talent-centric social video pieces highlighting the love birds on-screen chemistry


In partnership with Universal Pictures, Digital Media Management merrily kicked off the holidays with a festive theatrical social media campaign for the romantic comedy, Last Christmas, starring Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) and Henry Golding (Crazy Rich Asians). Our goal was to bring the film’s humor and romance to life by focusing on the star-studded cast and the relatability of the characters. Through our merry creatives, we invited audiences to embrace the holiday cheer during the most wonderful time of the year.



Talent Takes the Lead

Leveraging the movie’s star-studded cast, we wanted to generate excitement amongst audiences that were fans of Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding. By creating strategic talent-centric social video pieces highlighting their on-screen chemistry and growing relationship — from awkward encounters to romantic dates and everything in-between — we successfully engaged fans with their journey.

In addition to our larger video content pieces, we created social platform-specific content, including Instagram Story wallpapers and behind-the-scenes videos, that allowed fans to feel connected to the talent.

A Romantic Comedy, But Make It Holiday

In keeping with the seasonal change, after Halloween we pivoted our campaign messaging to incorporate winter and holiday-focused video pieces to showcase that Last Christmas is the newest romantic comedy from Paul Feig (Director of Bridesmaids). Instead of positioning Last Christmas as just another romantic comedy, our social media marketing campaign elevated the film as the holiday movie to watch of the year, friendly to family and loved ones.


The relatability of Emilia Clarke’s character, Kate, allowed us to tap into our broader fanbase and other online communities by creating fun and relatable gifs of the most meme-able moments from the film. Fans were encouraged to share these memes with their friends and family through our calls to action, which in turn generated a boost to our organic engagement.


By leveraging the familiarity of our established cast and highlighting the humorous and romantic elements of Last Christmas’ storyline, we created a fun and “Yuletide Wonderful” social media campaign. Our audiences opened their hearts and unwrapped the gift of Last Christmas, generating 25.5 million impressions across all of our social channels.

25.5 M

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