Playing with Fire

A social media campaign highlighting the comedic chemistry between lead actor John Cena and his Redding Smokejumper Crew


Partnering with Paramount Studios, we brought the heat for Playing with Fire’s theatrical social media marketing campaign. We sought to bring the big-screen fun to fans on social platforms with video creatives leaning into the star-studded cast that highlighted the playful themes of the film while amplifying positive fan reviews, and getting the word out that Playing With Fire was *the* family comedy to see.



Our first goal for the Playing With Fire social media campaign was to introduce John Cena and his Redding Smokejumper crew (an elite team of firefighters) and establish their world. This introduction to Superintendent Jake and his tight-knit crew let fans in on the team’s intimate journey, honing in on comedic elements and the relatability of finding and creating your own family. We also focused on the natural comedic chemistry between John Cena and Keegan-Michael Key, utilizing content capture footage to surround holidays and events throughout the campaign.

We leaned heavily on content capture footage, creating social pieces that showcased funny, organic moments between the cast, including John Leguizamo, Brianna Hildebrand, and Tyler Mane in addition to Keegan-Michael Key and John Cena. The film’s playful, family-friendly tone allowed us to tap into a larger network of parent influencers who were boosting the film. During the latter half of our campaign, we shifted our focus toward amplifying the positive reviews flowing in from fans, influencers, and even first responders who had seen Playing With Fire with their own families, successfully ramping up organic buzz around the film.


Our social media campaign generated over 30M in reach, and around 2M engagements across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Thanks to our attention to the fanbase and creating playful content across platforms, we were able to create a successful social media campaign that showcased Playing With Fire’s hijinks, humor and heart.


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