Creating an innovative and engaging online experience for the film, including a custom Tumblr site


Digital Media Management is proud to have partnered with A24 Films once more for social media management and web design for the theatrical movie release of Laggies - a comedic movie about acting your age and other adult decisions. On the surface, Laggies stars the charming Keira Knightley as a slacker muddling her way through her late 20s, but at its core the film is both hilarious and heartwarming, with a realistic take on life. Our social media movie marketing team kept these key elements in mind when designing a digital marketing campaign that leaped outside of the standard movie social media management box, and created an innovative and engaging online experience for the film.



To capture the film’s themes of growing up, Digital Media Management’s social marketing team brought forth a fresh take on content and creatives, from snarky infographics, inspiring words of wisdom, and humorous graphics that represent today’s millennials. We also designed and built a custom Tumblr website for the movie, that featured a spirit animal generator that allows fans to uncover life’s greatest mysteries: are they are the mighty sloth or a measly platypus?


Laggies opened nationwide on November 7 to delightful reviews. A hit since its premiere at Sundance, Laggies is a heartfelt, crowd-pleasing film, and one that fans following it on social media were able to experience both before and after the film released.