Joker Premiere


Digital Media Management leveraged access to the Joker premiere by engaging influencers to amplify its marketing.



DMM used its powerful affinity platform ‘Creator Lab’ to create, promote and execute this campaign to a targeted group of influential fans of the film and its stars. A campaign opportunity on Creator Lab was distributed to a select group of influencers and creators who had a minimum 100K following, were based in LA, and had expressed interest in Batman and DC Universe.


The opportunity received 1,120 views and 64 inquiries, of which ten were selected. Thirteen creators, three of whom were plus one guests, with a combined following of 5.1M on Instagram, attended the premiere and posted 89 pieces of Instagram content from the event.

 Matthew Lange

Incredible balance of thrilling and chilling, as well as a powerful look into what happens when we choose not to be good to one another. @toddphillips1 you killed this one. Thank you @wbpictures for the invitation 🤡 #wbinvited

William Jardell

Walking the green carpet for the #jokermovie premiere! @jokermovie
#wbpartner @whereswallington @wbpictures #tclchinesetheatre

Brendan Robinson

I had such a great time at the @jokermovie premiere last night! Thanks for having me @wbpictures. You guys, GO SEE THIS MOVIE! It’s so good!
#premiere #redcarpet #hollywood #joker #wbpartner #jokermovie


put on your happy face🙃 !
Thank you @wbpictures for inviting me to the premiere of JOKER🤡 !! I sure enjoyed @jokermovie & can’t wait for everyone else to see it. The movie will be out on theaters starting October 4th! #wbpartner