IT Chapter Two

Playing into our fans’ nostalgia, DMM featured the motif “Come Back to Derry”, a unique #LosersStickTogether, and the iconic red balloon


Digital Media Management was excited to partner with Warner Bros. on the theatrical social media campaign for IT Chapter Two. Our goals were to leverage the existing fanbase by reminding them about what they loved with their first trip to Derry, in addition to enticing new viewers with a world of dazzling visuals and spine-tingling horror.



From the beginning of our social media marketing campaign, we wanted to set an appropriate tone by starting with a bang! It all began with a trailer drop stunt. We teased fans by strategically archiving all posts on the IT movie Instagram account, which generated speculation that a major update was imminent. While this stoked anticipation, we furthered the stunt by subtly inserting a red balloon into photos for each of our key talent to post on their personal social profiles, which created notable social buzz and press pickup for the trailer release.

We also played into fans’ nostalgia by reminding them how much they loved IT Chapter One through social creatives which featured the motif “Come Back to Derry.” This gave fans a good sense of the frightening and funny moments to expect from the movie, and it laid the groundwork for a deeper dive into the lore surrounding Pennywise and the Losers.

When the film headlined ScareDiego at San Diego Comic-Con, we focused heavily on horror themes through cinemagraphs, GIFs, and stylized motion pieces. These social creatives centered on fan-favorite trailer moments, such as Pennywise’s appearance behind funhouse glass.

We utilized our partnerships with social platforms, including Pinterest, to generate buzz and tap into a diverse audience. By creating feed-breaking assets which highlighted Pennywise’s mischievous brand of evil, alongside a 360 experience, we presented a spine-tingling campaign across platforms.

In the final weeks of the campaign, our sole focus was on the Losers Club and their emotional bonds. We highlighted the cast of characters through a series of countdowns, and we invited fans to take a photo with their friends, which we shared on our Instagram Stories. Going into opening weekend, we crafted a rush to theaters initiative with the unique hashtag, #LosersStickTogether, which reinforced the film’s dual themes of friendship and overcoming obstacles as a group while making fans all over the world feel like one of the Losers.


In addition to garnering over $339 million at the global box office, our social media campaign for IT Chapter Two generated over 211M impressions, 191M in reach, and 28.5M engagements across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This electrifying campaign touted IT Chapter Two’s horror and heart, complemented its global box office success and reinforced its status as an essential cinematic experience.


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