Blinded By The Light

Bringing a nostalgic feeling to the social pages, allowing fans to reminisce about the “good old days” and engage fellow Bruce Springsteen fans


Digital Media Management was excited to partner with Warner Bros as the social media agency for the theatrical release of the Sundance favorite, Blinded By The Light. Our goal with the social media campaign was to craft creative pieces that brought a nostalgic feeling to the social pages, allowing fans to reminisce about the “good old days”, engage fellow Bruce Springsteen fans, and unite music and movie fans alike.



Our primary objective for Blinded By The Light’s social media campaign was to translate the film’s inspiring message to our social creatives. We wanted to cater to not only existing Bruce Springsteen fans, but also to fans of music in general.

First, we wanted to ensure that our creatives aligned with the film’s central message: “For those who have ever dared to dream, this movie is for you”. We built original pieces that highlighted the protagonist, Javed, and his journey to inspiration using the music of Bruce Springsteen as his guide. We also focused heavily on relatable copy and creating engaging conversation amongst fans by encouraging them to share what music inspired them when they were growing up.

Nostalgia was a key factor in our social campaign. The movie takes place in the 80s, talks about first love and other relatable high school themes, and how it feels to not belong. We encouraged fan conversation by utilizing Instagram Stories and asking fans questions about their own stories of first love, songs that inspired them while growing up, etc. With the film’s inspiring message as a central theme, we wanted to spark that conversation with our fans.

Bruce Springsteen was a huge part of the film and our social media strategy. Our approach wasn’t just about utilizing his music, but also conveying what his music meant to the protagonist in the film. We worked closely with Warner Bros. and Bruce Springsteen’s team to ensure that our creatives showcased his music and effectively conveyed the influence it had on the film’s characters.


Overall, we were able to create a social media campaign that excited Bruce Springsteen fans, created conversation with music lovers, and built a community on our social pages where fans could reminisce about their memories of growing up.