I’m with the Band: Nasty Cherry

Creating entertaining and specialized video content highlighting the girl-power aesthetic of the band to provide stylized video content for the band’s channels.


As I’m With The Band: Nasty Cherry headed into its first season, Netflix partnered with Digital Media Management (DMM) to highlight the punk rock, girl-power aesthetic of the band and to provide exciting video content highlighting Charli XCX, the band’s members, and unique talents for their socials and Netflix channels.



DMM partnered with Netflix to provide social strategy, creative ideation, production and post-production services for the launch of their brand new, first run series, “I’m With The Band: Nasty Cherry.” The campaign consisted of a multi-pronged goal to entertain existing fans of Charli XCX & Nasty Cherry, activate Netflix channels to promote the series with specialized content, and intrigue music and pop culture fans and pique their interest. By arming Charli XCX and Nasty Cherry with unique assets pre-premiere and during launch, we were able to speak directly to their fans, and create an immediate audience for the show.

Our content was designed to reflect the fun and irreverent voice of Nasty Cherry, through stylized creative assets and a robust video clipping strategy. DMM set up production in  NYC and oversaw all aspects of production on location for both editorial shoots and video shoots. We  filmed nine video concepts with talent, including world-renowned pop star singer/songwriter Charli XCX , while simultaneously managing an editorial photo shoot on another set.  These shoots resulted in unique and inviting ancillary marketing assets, including flyers, giphy stickers, AV Assets, and clips to promote Netflix’s brand new series all while defining, shaping, and creating the brand’s tone.


By the end of the Season 1 campaign, we grew the social audiences to 152K Total YouTube views and overall 1.5M Total Social Views. By creating original content, we established the girls and their personalities while also reflecting the show tone.  Additionally, jumping onto existing Netflix content series introduces the show and band to Netflix’s wider audience.



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