Anne Hathaway x Miss Lang Presents

Producing a robust educational week-long Instagram takeover and video series curated by Black Transgender activist Aaryn Lang in partnership with Anne Hathaway.


After a social media gaffe - neglecting to tag/credit the narrator of a video on how to respond to racist attacks and the responsibility of a bystander - Anne Hathaway worked with Digital Media Management (DMM) to turn her apology to the creator in question, Aaryn Lang, into action. The result was a week-long takeover of Anne’s Instagram by Aaryn - a Black, Ohio-born transgender woman, consultant, writer, public speaker, and media personality - which lent Anne’s ample social following (18.2M) to bring attention to Aaryn’s anti-racist work while spotlighting bright thinkers, educators, and creators in the Black Transgender community.


In partnership with Anne Hathaway, DMM helped execute a socially conscious week-long takeover and video series curated by Aaryn Lang on Anne’s Instagram. The self-described “festival,” Miss Lang Presents, served up educational content and resources for white educators and allies alike, specifically spotlighting Black Trans artists and their work and championing the social, economic, and political wellbeing of the Transgender community.

DMM worked closely with Aaryn to bring her vision to the week for life, helping to produce, edit, and distribute five conversation videos on topics including resources for white educators and wealth distribution, highlighting Black Trans women in the arts, and intimate conversations with Aaryn’s mother, Donna Lang, and Anne Hathaway, along with fellow black activists, artists, and educators. We also collaborated with her to develop custom branding and graphics throughout the week, helped execute several Instagram Live broadcasts, and offered guidance on best practices and support with any technical issues and overall project management.

An abundance of impactful content was created, including long-form conversations, as well as IG Live conversations, IG Live concerts featuring black musicians, and daily IG stories under ‘Miss Lang Presents Black Futures.’


By utilizing Anne’s substantial platform, the Miss Lang Presents takeover succeeded in providing comprehensive resources and learnings surrounding issues facing the Black Transgender community to a broader audience. The initiative supported Anne’s objectives of bringing attention to and driving conversation around these important topics, as well as giving a platform to Aaryn Lang and creating something educational, celebratory, and action-oriented out of an initial gaffe. The takeover content generated over 4.5M+ video views collectively on Instagram, with Aaryn gaining over 11K new followers and verification on her own Instagram account. Anne and Aaryn have formed an ongoing partnership and plan to reprise Miss Lang Presents in 2021.


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