Saved by the Bell Social Capture Day

Producing a virtual Social Capture Day with the cast of Saved by the Bell to secure digital content that drove viewers to stream the show on Peacock.


Bayside is back! When everyone’s favorite Saturday morning sitcom returned to TV with a fresh new look and story, Peacock tapped Digital Media Management (DMM) to produce a comprehensive virtual Social Capture Day with the full cast to secure exclusive content that was distributed via Peacock, Symphony, Talent, and Influencer socials during launch week.



Peacock partnered with DMM to provide social strategy, talent services, influencer partnerships, creative ideation, production and post-production services for the streamer’s revamped version of Saved by the Bell. We set out with a goal to capture content that leveraged Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkely Lauren’s pop-culture clout and massive fan bases while also drawing in a new generation of fans through fresh faces like Haskiri Velazquez, Josie Totah, and Alycia Pascual-Pena.

Our content captures included a variety of unique tune in and live tweeting assets that put talent at the forefront of promotion for our premiere day watch party. We partnered with notable LGBTQ beauty influencer, Brendan Jordan, for an insightful video discussion with Josie Totah that was shared both on Brendan and Peacock’s socials. Lastly, we secured valuable talent liners for Peacock’s Symphony partners including E!, Bravo, COX, Comcast, Peacock Internal, Canada Corus, and  Australia – Stan.

Through our efforts, we filmed seven video concepts with eight series regular cast. Content on our owned channels garnered 467.8K video views and 12K engagements. The engaging content we were able to produce was a crucial puzzle piece to the overall social campaign and success of the show. Saved by the Bell became the #1 title on the streaming platform the weekend of its release and the #1 Peacock Original, with 3 out of 10 new users of the service making it the first thing they watch.