The Pack Influencer Campaign

Highlighting the deep bond between humans and dogs through paw-sitive content around the show's premiere.


Amazon Prime Video teamed up with Digital Media Management (DMM) on an influencer campaign to generate buzz around and viewership to their new competitive reality series, The Pack.



The team partnered with dog-loving influencers and dog accounts on two activations to bring The Pack’s storyline to life in a fun, heartwarming, and creative way. Participants were tasked with creating branded content that showcased the deep bond between humans and dogs and positioned the show as an exciting competitive reality show the whole family could enjoy.

Mid- to top-tier dog-loving and dog influencers posted Launch and Sustain content themed around binge-watching the show, dog/owner adventures, a day in the life of a dog and more.

As part of the Dog Content Partnerships activation, popular dog-focused channels posted custom content featuring behind-the-scenes photos, meme-worthy moments, themed challenges and more.


18 influencers with a combined social reach of over 42M followers generated a collective 74 pieces of content, 16M+ impressions and 816.8K+ engagements, yielding a 5.1% organic engagement rate. Combined with the 1.98M+ views, the engagement rate increased to 17.5%. We exceeded our projected delivery by 500K impressions, 3.2%.

Influencers went above and beyond by posting 45 pieces of added value content across Instagram stories and Twitter, resulting in an additional 50.5K+ engagements and 4.5M+ impressions.




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