Hitman 2

Immersing fans in a world of assassination with eye-catching creatives that prepared them as in-game CIA Agents for upcoming missions


DMM partnered with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment on the social media campaign for the latest installment in the beloved strategic stealth franchise, Hitman 2. Tasked with spreading awareness to existing fans of the decade-long video game franchise, as well as new gamers to this World of Assassination, we executed a seamless campaign that put fans in the shoes of an agent working for the International Contract Agency.



HITMAN fans were immersed in a World of Assassination with our unique tone and voice on social, accompanied by eye-catching creatives that took the POV of surveillance footage, intel briefings, and agent preparation scenarios. Fans were addressed directly as agents of the ICA, with the prime objective of preparation for the missions they would soon be faced within the game. Most of our custom social creatives took advantage of a unique platform-exclusive feature, including Twitter Polls, Facebook force touch images, 180° exploratory images, and Facebook 3D models with hidden intel within (including this 3D creative that we were first to market with).

To drive awareness and earn press attention outside the core gaming circle, we concepted and executed a large-scale call center activation to engage fans using in-world story elements and to support the title’s release window. On August 31, 2018, we launched the activation during the popular gaming convention, PAX West. This call center gave fans the opportunity to call in and see if they qualified to be an ICA agent. A live countdown was simulcast on Facebook Live, Twitch, and YouTube which listed a 1-888 number encouraging these “potential agents” to call or text. We staffed over 30 English-accented operatives to answer live calls and  ask the callers a variety of logistical questions intended to test their psyche, thinking process, and aptitude for becoming an ICA agent. See our recap of the event here.


HITMAN 2’s Social meda campaign hit its mark and drove the video game to be a top earner in the franchise’s seven game history, dating back to 2000. During the call center, over 13,600 calls and over 1,500 text messages were received. Of those calls, over 3,000 were answered, for a total talk time of 68 hours.