Back 4 Blood

Immersing gamers in a zombie-infested world through lore-driven creative and in-world community management.


DMM partnered with Warner Bros. Games and Turtle Rock Studios on the social media campaign for the spiritual successor of the fan-favorite Left 4 Dead video game series, BACK 4 BLOOD! Our goal was to lead longtime and new fans into an apocalyptic wasteland where the Ridden roam and the only chance at survival was to work in teams to take back the world. Throughout the campaign, we taught fans what to expect and how to survive the zombie threat as Cleaners.



BACK 4 BLOOD video game fans were thrown into a social media zombie apocalypse with our survivalist tone and voice, accompanied by battle-damaged creatives, made to look like documents found within this world run by zombies on socials. We continued to stick in-world by only addressing our fanbase as Cleaners, as we wanted everyone to feel like they were the ones we were relying on to save the world and shoot down some Ridden. With our social voice being so immersed with the game’s lore and world, we made sure our creatives stuck to the same feel. Some of these assets consisted of radio-style voice recordings messaged directly to fans, newspaper clippings with clues as to what led to the apocalypse, as well as journals that described not only each type of Ridden but also our 8 playable Cleaners.

During release week, we partnered with Charley’s to giveaway cheesesteaks, sticking with an in-world feel of one of the Cleaner’s favorite foods, as well as an AR Lens to let our fans have some fun cleaning blood off their own screens. 

To drive fan engagement along, during trailer and Beta releases, we increased our daily community management and shared UGC (fan art, gameplay, and cosplay) with voice replies from the video game talent. We also highlighted Twitch and YouTube streamers to increase views of the game through a variety of platforms.


BACK 4 BLOOD’s video game social media campaign garnered plenty of attention as people wanted to know what the successor to the Left 4 Dead franchise would bring to the table. BACK 4 BLOOD became a quick fan favorite amongst new and old fans, enough so to be nominated for Best Multiplayer Game by Gamesradar in their Golden Joystick Awards. Within two weeks of the game being released, it had accumulated over 6 million players. At the end of the launch month, our socials saw over 57 million impressions, and over 5 million reach.