Mortal Kombat 11

Round 1, FIGHT! For the latest chapter in the 26-year franchise, DMM partnered to promote the game's release


Round 1, FIGHT! Digital Media Management was ecstatic to partner with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for the social media campaign of their latest video game property Mortal Kombat 11. For the latest chapter in the 26-year franchise, we worked together to successfully sustain the immense fan hype for five months leading up to the game’s release, create unique and eye-catching social content, and maintain an extremely flexible social media strategy that is able to adapt to influencer activations, unpredicted leaks and fan reactions.



Round 2, FIGHT!

Over the past 26 years, Mortal Kombat has assembled one of the most devoted, diehard fanbases in entertainment. With enormous fan anticipation for the eleventh installment, our primary task was to harness this massive, unpredictable hype and steer it towards release week. The roster of over thirty characters was strategically revealed throughout the five months during weekly LIVE streams broadcast simultaneously on Twitch, Facebook and Twitter to an average audience of 20,000 viewers. Each stream was treated as a mini-campaign, complete with tune-ins, teasers, trailers, live-tweeting and follow-up content to subside fan thirst until the next reveal.

With a rigorous reveal schedule in place, it was essential that we incorporate eye-catching social content that always showed fans something new and unseen in order to keep their impatient attention. Thrilling break-the-feed videos, minimalist posters, nostalgia-driven character pieces, and much more were created with fan appeal a top priority. In addition, we utilized unique holidays and trends to keep the Mortal Kombat conversation relevant and always at the forefront of the social zeitgeist.

With such rich content to draw from and so many characters to feature, fan sentiment was proactively monitored and used to inform our approach to content and copywriting. Our strategy was extremely fluid so that we could quickly pivot, when necessary. Influencer and celebrity involvement played a large part in the Mortal Kombat strategy, including a vast influencer art activation known as the MK Kollective.


Final Round, FIGHT!

Mortal Kombat 11’s launch was the most successful in franchise history, and it’s currently the #1 selling game of 2019. The unique franchise lore and upstanding relationship the developers established with their fanbase allowed for a knockout social campaign, featuring a sustained 5-month conversation that’s achieved an astonishing 2.8 billion impressions.


2.8 B