Glee: The Final Season


To generate excitement and awareness for the DVD release of Glee: The Final Season, DMM carried out an influencer campaign by tapping into 'Gleeks', to artistically spread the news in a fun and creative way.



Digital Media Management recruited and coordinated 7 highly targeted ‘Glee’ social influencers to share their post-Glee survival tips, on how to cope with Glee now being over, and ask their audiences to do the same. Content was posted on Instagram and Twitter, branded with the hashtag #GleeSurvivalTips, and included… Glee style dance videos, lip syncing, sign holding, slushie challenges, and of course selfies.

The campaign spanned over 2 weeks, the first week/post focused on getting the word out there and the second week/post encouraging fans and followers to purchase. We worked with Instagram and Twitter influencers, with each influencer posting twice to their designated channel/s.

Influencers came from relevant areas of influence such as music and entertainment so that the Glee brand and messaging would resonate the strongest with their followers.

Additionally, Digital Media Management simultaneously created an additional influencer campaign on Twitter, specifically for the launch of the Glee: The Final Season microsite. Four of the already 7 participating #GleeSurvivalTips influencers were chosen to post again, this time tweeting with the hashtag #GleeSongShowdown to drive traffic and awareness about the contest on the site. Official campaign imagery and a trackable site link were included.


Both influencer campaigns were a big hit. The #GleeSurvivalTips racked in 1.75M impressions and 50K engagements, while the #GleeSongShowdown drove 152K impressions and hundreds of clicks to the microsite. The content was entertaining, highly original, and genuinely encouraged others to participate.