Creating awareness and building a social following for a brand new network with a vast library of some of the most iconic game shows


BUZZR is a digital multicast television network owned by FremantleMedia North America (FMNA) that was launched June 1st, 2015. This digital channel features a vast library of over 40,000 episodes of some of the most iconic, vintage game shows. Such featured titles include notable game shows as Family Feud, Let’s Make a Deal, What’s My Line, To Tell the Truth, Match Game, Super Password, and Card Sharks. Upon launching BUZZR over-the-air, FMNA approached Digital Media Management to launch and operate all of their social channels (with the purpose of including graphic and video creation, community management, and analytic reporting) in an effort to compliment and expand FMNA's own marketing strategy.


The main objective for marketing the launch of a new network was to create awareness and build a social following for a brand new network. In order to achieve this, a unique style that fit in line with the brand of BUZZR to both entice new fans as well as engage current fans regularly was created by implementing a light-hearted, fun, and humorous approach to creating and sharing unique content on a consistent basis. Our creatives were made to utilize the actual game-play of the vintage shows by providing interactive ways to engage the audience such as posting game-show-specific trivia graphics (i.e. Family FeudCard SharksPassword, etc.) asking fans to comment their guesses and videos containing different quizzical scenarios.


The success of this campaign was evidenced greatly by the growth of BUZZR’s social reach, engagement, and overall positive sentiment. While the campaign initially was implemented to create awareness for the beginning launch of the network, FMNA signed on to extend our execution of an on-going digital marketing campaign for an additional year. In addition to strategy and content creation, Digital Media Management also supplied routine analysis that provided both FMNA and our company with insight into the effectiveness of different initiatives. In the 10 months we have managed BUZZR’s socials, Facebook grew to over 109,000 likes with average overall month-over-month growth of 12,390 fans at an overall, campaign-wide, average monthly rate of 301%. Average reach on FB since creation is over 10K with video views of almost 500,000.

Besides providing creative content, we also successfully designed and carried out two different cross-platform sweepstakes:

1) Pick & Play: a contest that allowed viewers to choose BUZZR’s programming and enter to win different prizes

2) BettyWhiteChristmas: an on-air and social sweepstakes involving code words that were entered to also win prizes.

The conversion rate of users entering grew 47.5% from the first to the second. Overall, as with the success of our social campaign, the national reach of BUZZR’s on-air network has expanded as well and now covers over 60% of U.S. households.