Taking our audience on a 2,000 foot climb with the fear-driven social media campaign for Lionsgate’s Fall.


DMM was excited to partner with Lionsgate on the social media campaign for the theatrical release of Fall. Our team was tasked with supporting the theatrical release by taking our copywriting and platform management to greater heights, bringing fans along for the journey.



When crafting the copy for this campaign, our goal was to appeal to the film’s underlying sense of horror with the terrifying potential of being stuck on a tower with no way down. As we leaned on the film’s thrills, we continuously challenged fans through our copywriting to confront their fears and take the plunge with us.

Additionally in our copywriting, we honed in on various climbing and falling puns, which drew fans closer to the experience with our personable community management. We wanted fans to feel like they were climbing the tower with us, often congratulating them for confronting their fears and taking the risk by seeing the movie on the big screen. We utilized the collab feature on Instagram with the Lionsgate Brand account, which ultimately helped us gain more engagement and fan awareness.

With heavy talent social support, we directed our appeal to a broader audience, specifically non-horror fans. Utilizing our main talent, Grace Caroline Currey and Virginia Gardner, as well as supporting musical talent Madison Beer, we continuously interacted with their Fall-related posts, which increased our overall social media presence and helped us gain additional visibility amongst newer audiences.


Audiences across the nation loved taking the terrifying climb with us! By focusing our efforts on cultivating witty, punny, and mysterious copy to pair with creatives, we were able to craft a thrilling campaign that helped Fall bring in over $10M worldwide and become Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.