Secret Headquarters

Finding out your dad is a superhero is cool–until villains are after him. Prepare to uncover the mystery of Secret Headquarters.


DMM was excited to partner with Paramount+ in crafting the social media marketing campaign for the release of Secret Headquarters. Originally slated for theatrical release, our team was tasked with designing creatives that played into the humor and action of the film, while still making it feel like a big action movie to watch at home with the family.



To position Secret Headquarters as Paramount+’s biggest movie of the year, one of our main objectives was to showcase the cast and their hilarious energy through stylized social creatives. We accomplished this by creating bold countdowns and feed-breaking assets that matched the high stakes of the film while still keeping the light-hearted tone of the movie. 

Although this was an action-packed movie, one of the challenges we had to overcome was not showing any of the younger cast members in danger, so as not to alienate any families who wanted to protect their kids from seeing their peers in danger. Because of this, we crafted a series of Hero moments that happened throughout the film, which put the cast in a funny yet heroic light. Since the film didn’t have its own social handles, we also created Gifs that showed off more of the movie’s humor, paired with copy that made it relatable and intrigued wider audiences who might not have been familiar with the movie before. 

Leaning into the tech-based devices used in the film, we highlighted each of them by creating a series of videos that not only explained their powers, but how they were utilized in different scenes in the movie. Another one of our main focuses was to highlight the star-studded ensemble cast members, which included Owen Wilson, Michael Pena, and Jesse Williams. This was achieved by creating high-energy edits synced with adrenaline-pumping music that helped attract older-skewing viewers who were fans of those three actors.


With the help of our creatives and social copy, Secret Headquarters set a record on Paramount+ as the most-watched original movie in the first seven days since its release on the streaming platform. Through crafting exciting creatives that helped tease the story, we ensured that Secret Headquarters became one of the biggest family movies of the year.