Designing an immersive choose your own adventure experience on Tumblr


Digital Media Management is proud to have teamed up with Lionsgate to design and launch the first-ever choose your own adventure type experience on Tumblr for found footage movie, EXISTS, from the director of The Blair Witch Project.



Our social media management and Tumblr design teams were tasked with creating an out-of-the-box social media experience, that would transport fans into the movie itself, giving them the opportunity to interact with the movie, its characters and content, in a way that has never been done before on the popular social media and blogging platform.

Designing and creating the site with Tumblr’s user base in mind meant creating choices that fans could interact with, as well as share and reblog on the platform, enabling them to effectively share their chosen path and journey with their followers, encouraging them to see if they too would make choices that would see them survive or ultimately get killed by Bigfoot.