SAW 10th Anniversary Campaign

Revitalizing the most successful horror franchise of all time with a one-month anniversary campaign


If it’s Halloween, it must be SAW! Digital Media Management was proud to partner with Lionsgate to revitalize the most successful horror franchise of all time and support the 10th anniversary of Saw in a quick and deliberate one-month social campaign.



Our team was tasked with building buzz an awareness around the 10th anniversary of the film. With the re-release only happening for one week (Oct. 31 – Nov. 7), we had to focus our efforts on specific pieces of content that honed in on fans nostalgia of the series. This included graphics created around favorite moments, memorable quotes and the debut of specially created theater-specific posters.

One of our more unique initiatives included a partnership with Giphy in which a partnered site was created that showcased the entire film in GIFs, we then called out the initiative on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for fans to experience this unique take on the film.