Hector and the Search for Happiness

Bringing happiness into the world of social media with this happy and upbeat social media campaign


Hector and the Search for Happiness is defined by its happy, upbeat tone, and the film required a social campaign that matched the film's tone accordingly. Digital Media Management partnered with Relativity to deliver just that, bringing an ounce of happiness into the world of social media.



We set out to replicate the film’s tone across all social platforms, using official assets, creative copy, and even exclusive prizes and videos featuring Hector star Simon Pegg. Our theatrical team accomplished this by focusing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram users who were having either particularly “bad days” or “good days.”  These users would be contacted by the Hector socials directly, sending a message of good cheer, or a Fandango or Starbucks online gift card.  We cast a wide net when targeting fans, going after big influencers and average fans alike.


Fans immediately took to the initiative, with over tweet engagement and followers rapidly increasing over the course of the campaign, as well as tweeting about receiving a prize on their personal accounts.  This element – complimented by our attractive copy and strong call-to-action push – helped bring the campaign together, creating a 360-degree social experience that can only be described with one word: “happy.”