Downton Abbey: A New Era

Transporting audiences into a new era of Downton Abbey with creatives designed for the international social media marketing campaign.


DMM was thrilled to be part of Universal Pictures’ international campaign for Downton Abbey: A New Era. Our team was tasked with designing social-first creatives that could be used across a variety of different markets, all evoking the glamour and motifs of the 1920s, as well as leveraging the beloved cast.



Our goal was to excite and activate Downton Abbey’s fan base around the world through highlighting fan-favorite characters, tapping into nostalgia for the television series, and by spotlighting the beautiful new locations visited in the film.

To present the film as the grandest voyage of the year, we designed elegant creatives that took fans on a trip around Europe. From the Downton Abbey castle to the beaches of the French Riviera, we took audiences on a journey filled with style, intrigue, and plenty of wit. Not only did we want to inspire fans to hold their own Downton-themed celebrations, but also harness their enthusiasm as much as possible, resulting in numerous creatives that spotlighted their most excited tweets.


Fans were clamoring for another trip to Downton Abbey, especially as the time period moved into the modern age. By focusing our efforts on our beloved characters and gorgeous settings, we were able to craft beautiful and fun social media creatives that delighted fans all over the world.