Disney+ TikTok

From launch content to timely trends to self-aware videos that speak to a diverse community of fans, we create something for everyone on the Disney+ TikTok!


Tapping into the magical world of trending sounds and memes, Digital Media Management partnered with Disney+ to create innovative and timely videos for their TikTok account. Our goal for this ongoing partnership is to give the account its own unique voice and break through the “brand barrier” on TikTok. Our team was tasked with identifying and designing creatives that leverage the Disney+ library with trending sounds/formats, while simultaneously celebrating anniversaries and streaming releases. We found success leaning into passionate fan bases of Disney’s franchises from “Marvel Tok,” “Star Wars Tok,” “Pixar Tok,” and many more. To increase overall engagement, we wanted to capitalize on fans’ excitement of seeing some of their favorite characters like Grogu and Moon Knight and their thirst for content from newer titles like Turning Red and Eternals.



Introducing the Magic

Since Disney is known for its incredible storytelling and as the home of beloved classics, our main objective for this campaign was to define the handle’s voice and navigate it through the crowded space of TikTok. Our creatives leaned into both the Disney nostalgia and what’s trending in the social zeitgeist to create awareness of the vast catalog through weekly social pieces showcasing titles that are now streaming. Then to draw in Disney’s existing fan base and source new fans, we focused our content on being snappy and relatable. We crafted videos that leaned into both social beats like making Thanksgiving dinner with Ciao Alberto and New Year’s Resolutions with Kate Bishop from Hawkeye.

Twisting Trends & Memeing Moments

To present the Disney+ TikTok account as the must-follow page, our campaign focus relied on our team staying reactive by keeping an ear to the ground, listening to what our fans are enjoying, and identifying key moments from our titles that lean into timely trending topics. Fans appreciated that we incorporated trending copy within our videos and that we don’t take things too seriously. When Encanto first came to the service, you could not scroll through your TikTok FYP without seeing a mention of good ol’ Uncle Bruno. Leaning into the popularity of the “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” song, we crafted a fun counter piece, which reached over 1.8 million video views. Fans of the film enjoyed the playful video and how we DO actually talk about Bruno. Additionally, together with our Disney+ partners, we collaborated on an Encanto video, which used the trending “Mariano walking” moment, and got featured in AdAge’s top brand TikTok videos of February 2022.

To spread awareness of shows being brought back to the Disney+ platform such as Daredevil, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and more, we created self-captured videos of talent recreating trending videos to stitch together for TikTok exclusive moments. As we continue to grow the Disney+ TikTok page, we strive to maintain social conversation and increase our presence with the predominantly Gen Z user base through a carefully crafted mix of nostalgia and current shows & movies that fans can’t get enough of.


By creating content that resonates with how these movies and shows make us feel in the world of trends, memes, and internet dances, we have amassed 4.88+ million video views to date. Thanks to our incredible partners at Disney+, we were able to craft a creative campaign that will undoubtedly continue to bring the magic to fans through their for you page and beyond in the world of TikTok.