Bringing audiences the nostalgia of the 2000s with the hilarious social campaign for Netflix’s Senior Year.


DMM was excited to partner with Netflix on the social media campaign for the release of Senior Year. Our team was tasked with supporting the release on Netflix’s platform by cultivating a creative-heavy, humor-driven campaign that zeroed in on the fashion and humor of the early 2000s.



When crafting the creative for this campaign, our goal was to speak to fans of comedies, particularly those that put women at the forefront. As we leaned on all things Y2K and showcased the drastic cultural change in 20 years, we aimed to bring in fans from every generation that could relate to different aspects of the movie and its humor.

To present Senior Year as one of Netflix’s biggest comedies of the year, we utilized the multi-generational cast, the numerous Britney Spears mentions, and the nostalgia for everything Y2K. We also aimed to appeal to younger audiences by partnering with our talent team and shining a spotlight on our younger cast, creating talent toolkits as well as stylized GIFs of fan-favorite moments from the film. We also utilized our video team to create the premiere video for the “Crazy” video on YouTube which featured a stylized countdown that led into Rebel Wilson talking about the movie and then the full music video. We focused on the differences between 2002 and 2022 all while supporting the wonderful cast around Rebel Wilson and pairing all creative with funny, relatable copy.


Fans loved taking a journey back to the 2000s! As we focused our efforts on creative concepts that spoke to fans of all ages, we were able to craft funny and relatable social media pieces that helped Senior Year become Netflix’s #1 film for two weeks in a row.