DC Super Hero Girls


Digital Media Management worked with DC Kids and their DC Super Hero Girls brand to recruit some of the internet’s top family-friendly parent/child influencers to increase awareness and sales of its products leading up to the holiday season.



DMM chose a handful of influencers who were fans of the franchise and supported the brand to put together sponsored unboxing videos that highlight featured products. Products were strategically selected and divided up to the influencers that resonated best with the creators and their audiences. A total of three influencer accounts participated.

Influencers captured their personal unboxing experiences through Instagram and Instagram Story and drove awareness to the brand and the brand’s products online for purchase. The content showcased the products, spoke to the different aspects/experiences of the unboxing/brand, and drove others to purchase merchandise (incorporating IG Story’s Swipe Up feature for transaction).

Content was staggered, with some posts going live leading up to the holiday season and others during the busy buyer season, tactfully incorporating transaction links.

Liv & Pey

We always have a blast with @DCSuperHeroGirls
Girls #GetYourCapeOn and join in on the fun adventure with us! ? #ad#DCSHG
Shop at DCComics.com or Amazon

Sam & Nia

Symphony has been into DC Super Hero Girls lately and the kids just got a delivery of AWESOME DC Super Hero girls product! Their excitement is priceless! Check out the link in the bio for the products you see here or go to DCComics.com! @DCSuperHeroGirls #GetYourCapeOn#DCSHG #ad

The Ohana Adventure

We can all be the Heroes of our own life story!
Who is Your Hero?

Today we opened a fun box of unexpected heroes and put our own capes on! #ad
If you could be any hero who would you be?
Are you a fan of @dcsuperherogirls ? It’s time to #getyourcapeon #toa#dcshg


In total, 3 influencers with a collective following of more than 503K participated and generated 13 branded posts. Their content garnered millions of impressions, and 480K+ engagements (views included), resulting in an impressive 18% engagement rate. The posts have received many positive comments about the brand and excitement for the products.