DC Kids

Developing strong connections with the family-friendly brand’s audience and crafting engaging messaging for key beats


As DC Entertainment’s social media agency, we strategically manage DC Kids’ social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. By developing strong connections with the family-friendly brand’s audience and crafting engaging messaging for key beats throughout the year, we’re able to showcase DC Kids’ publications, animated shows, and movies in a fun and unique way.



To appeal to DC Kids’ younger fanbase, we create humorous and entertaining social media content for DC Kids’ expansive list of publishing titles, animated television series and movies, graphic novels and comic books. With such a diverse list of properties to showcase, we utilize social-forward creative content, opportunities to insert the DC Kids’ brand into trending topics, and each social platforms’ unique features to generate fan engagement. Our goals with the DC Kids social media campaign are to drive brand awareness, strengthen fan loyalty, and entertain a highly-engaged audience. To achieve these objectives, we strategically create funny, irreverent content that inspires fan interaction and capitalizes on nostalgia to evoke positive brand sentiment.

By blending DC Kids’ storylines with tongue-in-cheek humor, we create social content that resonates with lifelong fans through recognizable characters like Batman, the Teen Titans, and Scooby-Doo. Keeping DC’s goals in mind, we produce engaging social media experiences that juxtapose the stoic personas of DC’s most popular Super Heroes with lighthearted copy, humorous content, and fun themes.

We stay at the forefront of global conversations by frequently capitalizing on trending topics. In doing so, we ensure that DC Kids stays top-of-mind for our younger and more socially-connected audience. From traditional holidays to trending hashtags, we take every opportunity to join the party!

To increase fan engagement, we produce gamified content that provides unique and fun ways for our fans to interact with our social posts. Some of our most successful gamified content includes trivia, emoji prompts, choose-your-favorite character, this-or-that polls, and seek-and-find activities.


Over the first six months, DC Kids’ total social audience increased by 75%, with Instagram in particular experiencing a 300% surge in followers (and continues to grow month-over-month). Whether we’re jumping on the latest trending topics, poking good-natured fun at beloved Super Heroes, promoting the latest consumer products, or showcasing content that strengthens fans’ emotional connection to the brand, we aim to honor lifelong fans while inspiring a new generation of DC enthusiasts.