DC Universe

Helping with the successful launch, management, and creative strategy of DC Universe’s social presence


Digital Media Management, DC Entertainment’s social media agency of record, was excited to help with the successful launch, management, and creative strategy of DC Universe’s social presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Emphasizing the key benefits of the first-of-its-kind digital platform, DMM amplified DC Universe’s social presence by focusing on custom creatives and graphics, fan-centric copy and one-to-one fan engagement.



With the launch of a new streaming service, we understood that awareness and fan acquisition were key. These objectives drove the strategy for the service’s organic social brand pages, as well as the DC Universe Originals social presence over the first year.

Since launch, our goal on the social media channels was to entice the DC Super Fan by showcasing the service’s incredible content offerings, as well as by building individual social hubs for the DCU Originals. Interacting and engaging with fans encouraged follower growth, while the account’s passionate and enthusiastic social voice let fans know they found a home for all things DCU.

Fans are passionate about DC Universe and interact with the DCU social pages not only to share excitement about new DC Universe Originals, but also to reach out for customer service inquiries. The DCU social pages serve as the first line of communication for fans, so we’ve developed an evolving list of answers for common fan questions to help ensure customer satisfaction. Through our engaging community management, fans are encouraged to follow DC Universe’s social accounts for the latest news, announcements, and fan-focused content, as well as offering fans a place to participate in an interactive DC community.


By running the social accounts as DC Super Fans as well as the ultimate expert for the streaming service, we increased followers across DC Universe’s social channels by 635.7% in the first year of launch. Fans flock to the DC Universe channels to engage with the latest content, and we continue to emphasize all DC Universe has to offer, while encouraging fans to become advocates for the new streaming service.