DC 2018 Year In Review

Refocusing the brand's social media strategy with the goal of catering our social channels towards DC super fans


2018 was a big year for DC and Digital Media Management - DC’s social media agency of record. The brand celebrated Superman’s 80th anniversary, relaunched the fan-favorite DC Vertigo label, and held an international Day of Wonder. Going into the year, we made a point to refocus DC’s social media strategy with the goal of catering our social channels towards DC super fans, while still appealing to a casual audience. It was important to make DC’s social media channels 100% inclusive, and the content we created and implemented on our social profiles was geared towards that goal.



To fully immerse fans in the world of DC, we’ve created year-round animated recaps for our biggest titles to bring the DC Universe to life while catching fans up in time for the latest issue. Additionally, we created a weekly “comic drop” content series to promote new books in a fresh and fun way, while incorporating DC Easter Eggs to ensure fans would always find something unique.

We tapped into the social media zeitgeist by generating unique content geared towards our core audience that embraced each social platform’s new and unique capabilities, bringing our comics and characters to life in a way fans had never seen before.

To expand our social reach, we joined the organic social conversation around holidays and relevant trends. From debuting our in-world dating app Caper on Valentine’s Day, to participating in holidays and events including Passover, Ramadan, and Pride Month, we’ve made DC synonymous with social chatter, with content that reaches a far wider audience than our typical fanbase.


For Facebook, we created Instant Experience posts to prepare fans for the release of THE MAN OF STEEL and DC Vertigo’s SANDMAN UNIVERSE line. Our Instant Experience posts built excitement for these priority releases, immersing fans in the world of Superman and the Sandman Universe via static graphics, animated video, and 360-degree panoramas.

On Twitter, we utilized threads to facilitate a bracket where fans could vote for the ultimate version of Batman’s iconic Batsuit. These threads, posted in the week leading up to Batman Day, boosted Twitter engagement and kept fans coming back to vote during each round of the bracket.

On Instagram Stories, we hosted animated comic book recaps during our lead-up to the monumental ACTION COMICS #1000. These 15-second recaps built excitement for the historic issue by highlighting the Man of Steel’s past adventures and incorporating the swipe-up feature to direct fans to purchase collected edition releases of previous stories.


2018 was a year of exciting social change for DC that allowed us to connect with fans through interactive, innovative and engaging ways. Across the social platforms, we’ve crafted unique content worthy of the World’s Greatest Super Heroes to showcase the DC brand as inclusive and inviting for all fans. Our efforts generated an increase in average post engagement by 76% on Facebook, 12% on Twitter, and 59% on Instagram. By reaching out to not only core fans, but casual fans as well, and by creating content that was unique to each platform, we successfully achieved our goals of inclusivity and increased engagement for 2018.

Following an extremely successful year, DMM and DC won both the 2019 Judge’s Choice and People’s Choice Webby Awards in the General Social Entertainment category! Learn more about these prestigious awards here.