DC Character Accounts

As DC’s social media agency of record, DMM spearheaded the strategy and creation of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman's social profiles


In the summer of 2019, your favorite DC Super Heroes joined Twitter and Instagram! As DC’s social media agency of record, DMM spearheaded the strategy and creation of character-specific Twitter and Instagram profiles for Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. With an emphasis on fun, character-specific content, we were able to tap into our inner superhero to create social profiles that both casual and core fans would enjoy engaging with.



Our strategy focused on utilizing the expansive media catalog (print, movies, television, games) for each character and bringing it to the forefront of social conversation by tapping into the current zeitgeist. Leveraging trending topics, memes and text-only posts, mixed with regular promotional content, the character pages provided a fresh new voice for these 80+ year-old heroes.


The Dark Knight logs on!

Launched during the Batman 80 celebration, these accounts played a pivotal role in sharing creatives targeting both core and casual audiences. Shifting away from a more promotional “brand” voice and tone, the team was able to highlight the lighter side of the Dark Knight by jumping on trending topics with iconic imagery, paired with fun and relevant post copy.

Wonder Woman

Isn’t social media just WONDERful?!?

Following the Caped Crusader’s lead, the Wonder Woman accounts also launched in early June, helping increase overall awareness ahead of the 2020 theatrical release of WONDER WOMAN 1984. Leveraging comic, theatrical, and television assets, the Wonder Woman accounts center around her message of strength and compassion with fans across the globe.


Up, Up, and TWEET?!?

The Trinity wouldn’t be complete without the Man Of Steel, who joined Twitter and Instagram in August 2019. Utilizing a playful tone and voice, we’ve been able to introduce Superman to social media with hilarity and some good-natured self-deprecation.


The addition of the Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman social accounts on Twitter and Instagram have been a rousing success, generating positive press coverage at launch and strong early analytics. Within 4 months of launch, the Batman profiles have over 230K followers and has amassed over 3M engagements. Within 4 months of launch, the Wonder Woman profiles have over 51K followers and has amassed over 790K engagements. Within 2 months of launch, the Superman profiles have over 48K followers and has amassed over 822K engagements.


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