Batman 80th Anniversary

Bringing the Dark Knight’s major milestone to social media with a year-long celebratory campaign


DC celebrated the landmark 80th anniversary of Batman in 2019. As DC’s social media agency of record, DMM worked in close conjunction with various divisions of the brand to bring the Dark Knight’s milestone to social media, inviting fans of all types to celebrate the anniversary and share their love for Batman throughout the year.



As one of DC’s oldest and most recognizable characters, Batman’s 80th anniversary was a major priority for the brand. Our objectives were to create year-round social conversation and engagement surrounding Batman, while providing support for key events organized by DC and their partners. Additionally, DMM sought to strengthen the connection between the Batman character and DC as a brand, boosting affinity and engagement for DC by celebrating the iconic hero.

To achieve these objectives, DMM worked with DC’s franchise division to create a year-long campaign, focusing on various themes each month that touched on the unique aspects of the Batman character. The Caped Crusader’s iconic allies, classic villains, and heroic spirit all shined throughout the campaign.


To spotlight Batman, DMM generated creatives that targeted both casual superhero lovers and DC’s core comic book fans. With content pulled from film, television, video games, comic books and more, fans were given an unprecedented look at the Dark Knight’s legacy. 

To take advantage of unique platform capabilities, the Batman 80 celebration incorporated Facebook 360 graphics and a Facebook Instant Experience. The history of the Batmobile, Batman’s greatest allies and more were able to shine in creatives that gave fans an interactive look at the Caped Crusader’s legacy.

In honor of the landmark DETECTIVE COMICS #1000, DMM created a cinematic trailer for the comic book title, highlighting one of DC’s biggest publishing initiatives for 2019 and garnering press coverage for the milestone issue.


The Batman 80 celebration reached its peak on September 21, 2019 with Batman Day, a global celebration of the legendary hero’s history that included the iconic Bat-Signal being shown in 13 cities around the world.

Fans across the globe were invited to honor the Dark Knight’s legacy thanks to round-the-clock event support, with DMM providing live event coverage in Los Angeles and sharing content captured around the world across DC’s social channels.

To cap off the Batman 80 celebration, DMM created an animation to showcase the 80-year evolution of the Bat-Symbol. Featuring iconic iterations of Batman from across media, this stylized animation gave fans a unique look at the internationally recognized icon.


The Batman 80 campaign was a major success for DMM and DC, generating a huge amount of fan conversation and engagement over 2019. The campaign saw over 6B in overall reach and over 840K in overall mentions, with over 3.8M engagements and over 61M impressions on our creatives.  


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