Black Mass

Creating a unique social experience by launching one of the first branded Facebook accounts to feature embedded GIFs


When Warner Bros. chose to bring the story of Whitey Bulger to the screen in Black Mass, they approached Digital Media Management to design a comprehensive social campaign to push awareness and generate buzz.



Our strategy focused on two things: pedigree and grittiness. A significant portion of the content was dedicated towards Johnny Depp’s transformative performance, which critics heralded as a return to form for the Academy Award nominee (Depp received a SAG nomination for Black Mass). Additionally, played up South Boston as a major supporting character, which provided the socials with a slightly darker, edgier tone than what is typical of a biopic. Black Mass was also one of the first branded Facebook accounts to accommodate .GIF embedding, allowing for a unique social experience.


Engagement on social posts was consistently high, with the custom graphics receiving praise from fans across the board. It only helped that the movie was received equally well by fans, as that encouraged them to return to the film’s socials for exclusive content (like behind-the-scenes material).