Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

Pushing the boundaries of using 3D effects in a social media campaign


Digital Media Management was tasked by Paramount Pictures to create a series of social creatives and Snapchat initiatives for the theatrical release of Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension.



The fifth in the Paranormal Activity series, The Ghost Dimension was the franchise’s first to foray into the realm of 3D, and the marketing took a strong stance in encouraging 3D ticket sales. The film’s tagline was “See Activity for the first time in 3D,” and our content was designed to push the boundaries of using 3D effects on social media. The goal was to bring all the terrifying elements the film has to offer to the social accounts, creating a truly terrifying digital experience. Additionally, we launched a Snapchat  “The Witching Hour” campaign where each night, fans would view custom story snaps where we would surprise them with a “jump scare.”


Fans responded incredibly well to the creatives, engaging will all static and motion content. The 3D graphics consistently out performed the more “traditional” graphics on both Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, we created a series of “click to reveal” Twitter graphics, which outperformed all other non-promoted content (one graphic generated over 14K retweets and 20K likes).